Managing performance and strategy with relevant data

Understanding your company’s position in the market and its current trajectory is a crucial part of financial planning and strategic decision-making. However, without an effective means of achieving data-driven quantitative analysis, it can be difficult to efficiently manage performance and guide strategy. Using outdated tools can also inhibit your ability to rapidly respond to market changes, and limits the value of your financial modelling, compromising the decisions you make based on results.

Are outdated tools reducing your financial planning effectiveness?

Relying on outdated tools such as Excel to facilitate financial modelling and planning processes can impact on your agility and flexibility as a company. Manual data input and testing carry a high risk of human error and mean finance teams can only test a few scenarios before running out of time and resources due to a lack of scalability. GK Horizons’s latest tip sheet identifies five ways investing in an integrated financial modelling solution can help your business increase its flexibility and boost performance.

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