Four ways finance leaders can bring balance to uncertain times

Business disruption in 2020 has created many challenges for CFOs and finance teams and with so much uncertainty, it’s difficult for financial leaders to chart a clear strategy for success.

Finance leaders, more than ever, must constantly review their company’s performance and position. To enable better decision-making, finance teams need access to insights and tools that facilitate more effective data analysis and empower them to better support the company and its workers, as well as its customers. With a greater understanding of a company’s position in the market and the competitive landscape, finance executives can assess workforce planning strategies and make data-driven decisions that account for uncertainty, keeping the company on a steady path throughout this disruption. Rather than maintain the status quo, they can drive the business forward through better strategic thinking and planning.

Are outdated tools and processes harming your business planning?

Without the right solutions in place, and without access to relevant and accurate data, finance leaders can lack the agility needed to adjust budgets, workflows, and strategies as required to prepare for unprecedented changes. Investing in technology solutions that facilitate better business planning, reporting, and analysis, empowers CFOs and finance teams to make more informed decisions that can lead to greater business stability for the business and its customers. GK Horizons’ latest tip sheet identifies four ways you can use technologies to access data-driven insights that can help you navigate uncertain waters.

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